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The indaGalaxy game has been in the making for a very long time and the project has been started and stopped at least 3 times now. Luckily for me I kept all of the old coding and now have most of the game.

indaGalaxy was started in responce to clan members from Skylords. indaGalaxy was originaly a clan in Skylords and was originaly called Chaos in Da Galaxy. CiDG was one of the strongest clans in Skylords with the other main power being The Swarm. CiDG got so big that they decided to create a training clan called Anarchy in Da Galaxy (AiDG). Unfortunatly when AiDG was made the main clan seemed to disband and was never the same again.

During this time Skylords was brought by one of the CiDG members called 'Proffesor'. The was then moved to a faster server and even had some new updates. But in the end 'Proff' must have lost interest as the updates and the quality of the servers started to fall. Although 'Proff' was still around it was his son that was doing most of the coding work.

With Skylords popularity slowly dwindling some of the members decided to move to move to OGame. CiDG was reborn in universe 8 (I think) and Proff even came along. CiDG started at the bottom and quickly moved all the way to the top, to 3rd position if I remember right. Proff played a big role in this as he turtled his was to the top and providing trade oppertunities for all members. Soon enough CiDG was strong enough to start and finish their own fighs and that we did. You can even read about the fight in the OGame forums.

While CiDG was still alive alot of the members had ideas to make the games better, both Skylords and OGame, but it seemed not enough of them were getting implemented. Hence the reason for indaGalaxy!