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Open Alpha

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Please click to vote for indaGalaxy if you like the inital game. Remember updates are happening all th time.

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What is indaGalaxy? And why is it different from any other online game you've played?

indaGalaxy is a real-time, browser based, online, multiplayer strategy game (MMOG). indaGalaxy has been made by an avid space strategy game fan but the good part is that all the update ideas come from the members and there is a large update every month bringing new features and sections to the game.

indaGalaxy already features some impressive web 2.0 features making it seem more like a game and not just a webpage. Some of the features we already have are Space Exploration, Planet Management, ability to create buildings and custom ship types, Diplomacy, Espionage, Clan Warefare, Training Clans, Trading, Piracy, Space battles... There are even bonuses to people who preform the best each month including free swag not just game resources.

Join the indaGalaxy community and fight battles in real time, find planets and colonize them or take them by force. Join forces with friends and fight your foes. Join a clan and meet new friends.

No plug-ins or other downloads are required to play this game as everything has been hand coded. So come join in and 'take control of your own destiny'.

News disabled for now. We are still getting things online